The Weight of a Creative Mind

“Creativity is possible in most forms of human activity. In some activities – bricklaying, let us say – the possibility is greatly limited by the nature of the task. The highest levels can be expected where performance is not severely constricted by the nature of the task to be accomplished…” – John W. Gardner, Self-Renewal

I’ve spent a lot of years, mostly high school and college, struggling with being constricted by what society deems to be the “right way” of doing life. I’ve felt that every time I do something differently than my peers that I’m going to be unsuccessful because of it or I’ll feel ashamed of myself. Whether it be staying true to my personal values or changing my mind three or four times about what I want to do in my future, I’ve felt as though I’m doing life the “wrong way”.

Well,  I think most of us can agree that these people that went about life the “wrong way” according to others did some extraordinary things, maybe even changed the world:

  1. Edouard Manet: Became a distinguished artist after he decided to study art against his Father’s wishes. His pieces are on display all over the world.
  2. Walt Disney: Was fired by a newspaper editor because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas”. He also started a few businesses that ended in failure, but not Disney obviously…
  3. Edgar Allen Poe: Began a Military education in order to get out of the U.S. Army so he could launch his writing career. His foster father disowned him, he was expelled rom school, and two years later his writing career took off.

I feel inspired by these people. They made bold moves, they followed their dreams, they didn’t let people talk them out of great ideas, all despite fear, rejection, and disapproval by the masses.

Could you imagine what our world would look like without this kind of courage?

I think a lot of us have this idea that everything is supposed to be all put together by the time we graduate from college, and that’s definitely a widely supported idea. It feels safe, secure, and comfortable to know what’s next. I recently have felt like I’m being shoved into a certain mold and have limited options of what I can do after I graduate. Up until now I haven’t been able to see around this supposed gateway to success, but understanding the beauty of my currently ambiguous next step is truly eye-opening.

I don’t want to be stifled by the expectations of society; I want ideas to flow freely from my mind and be brave enough to act on them.

So maybe I’m not a cookie cutter college grad, maybe I’m coming out of the oven a little underdone… But who doesn’t love raw cookie dough?!




You probably thought I would have put a cookie recipe here… I totally would have, but I don’t actually have one of my own. I have a ton of cake recipes, but I also can’t put those here because I’ve been told I could use those to do BIG things. However, if you live in the Northern VA area and would like me to make you one of those cakes or cupcakes for an occasion (or just because you like cake), I would love to do that for you!  I specialize in making gluten free cake/cupcakes, but can certainly attempt to accommodate for dairy allergies or just make plain old regular cake too. Feel free to contact me. 🙂

Here’s some shots of wedding cakes I’ve done in the last couple years.





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