75 days

“Lives based on having are less free than lives based either on doing or on being.”

– William James


Today one of my favorite bands, Judah and The Lion, released a new song called “Suit and Jacket” and I can honestly say I have never felt such emotional attachment to a song in my entire life. It completely verbalized thoughts I’ve been having over the last few months on graduation, figuring out my life after college, career goals, etc. Go check it out!

That song got me thinking about what I would write about today so shoutout to J&TL, thanks for the inspiration.


I often wonder what true freedom feels like.

Everyone, including myself, is so wrapped up in what’s next rather than what’s now, what needs to be done and how it could potentially benefit you rather than what you are currently doing and how it benefits you.

As a soon-to-be-graduating college student it’s almost impossible to not think of what’s next. My friends are gradually landing jobs as the days till graduation tick away and the pressure is rising.

I’d like to enjoy my last few months of college and not think about my deteriorating checking account… But I hate the idea of chasing a future that could potentially shackle me to a life of materialism.

Just think about how much richer life could be without being restrained by the desire for things that make you appear richer, without subjecting yourself to comparison, without seeking momentary pleasure, without trying to control every “next step”,  and without needing approval by people (who are just as lost as you are).

As I enter into the professional world, I hope I can find a true balance between work and life, not living to work or working to live, and I continue to pursue my dreams.

I hope if I see my dreams having the potential to become reality, I’ll have the courage to drop every hesitation and go after it.

I hope I identify the material things that hold me back and run far away from them.


I’m chasing the idea that one day work won’t feel like work anymore, it’s simply what I am and what I do.

I’m chasing freedom.






I think sometimes we’re so bound by our health, or our desire for health, that we don’t even try to see ways we can still enjoy certain foods without feeling guilty. Well, I’ve become quite the expert in healthy cheating.

So what do you do when it’s Saturday morning and all you want is pancakes?

Here’s some tips on buffing up those carb and sugar-packed little devils:

  1. Replace half of your pancake mix or flour with quick-oats or finely ground oatmeal, this will add more density and protein.
  2. Use a banana instead of oil/butter AND sugar in your recipe, bananas will provide both the moisture and natural sugar!
  3. Put peanut butter or almond butter on your pancakes to add some more protein and healthy fats, you’ll feel more full after fewer pancakes.

Now you can eat pancakes. You’re welcome.


























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